Yard Greeting Surprise Tips & Ideas

Have you ever seen these great yard greetings, or yard cards driving by someone's house? They are fantastic, funny, and adorable.

It's the newest way to say "Hello!" – "Happy Birthday" – "Congratulations Graduate" and so much more. They have all sorts of animals, and designs to choose from. Some cute ones I've seen before are:

  • Pigs – great for a children's themed party! Or for a grown up BBQ with a sense of humor. "Just Hammin 'Around"
  • o Flamingos – These are the most popular. "Just Flew in to say Hello." Great for surprising Mom, and a good friend. Its always nice, knowing someone is thinking about you. They are sure to put a smile on someone's face.

    o Buzzards – Perfect for "Over the Hill" These little buzzards have to be the BEST way to say, "Hey buddy, your getting up there!"

    o Candles – Birthday Candles .. These are great for ANYONE's birthday. They are fun, colorful, and definitely unique.

    o Frogs – Another great idea for a children's themed party .. Or just a great eye catcher for your business, or store.

    o Graduation Hats – "Congratulations Graduate" These Grad Hats are so adorable. Black with the little tassel hanging from them. They are a MUST for any graduation party

    The best part is, now you can own your own yard greeting signs. Previously, you had to call a yard sign rental company to come out, place them in the yard, you pay them, and then they take them back. Now, you pay a fraction of the price, and you get to KEEP your yard signs or greeting boards, yard critters, and MONEY. You can reuse them over and over again. Just order new greeting boards to go with the yard greeting critters you already have.

    Here are a few tips for your next yard surprise greeting:

    1. Be sure when ordering to check the delivery date. You don't want to miss your birthday, or party. Some websites take a few days to process orders. So be sure when you select your shipping method, you take into consideration these few days of processing if needed.

    2. Make sure you consider the quantity needed. Usually you will want to have these little critters in multiple sections around your property (a. Place a few out by the road, or mailbox. — b. One or two in the flower pots coming up to the door — c . try placing three or so out by the bbq pit area, or wherever your "company" will be hanging out. — d. The best is that last critter left behind, for the one your wanting to Surprise. Put it in a closet, or bathroom, or back room, for the last laugh at the end of the night.)

    3. Most of these signs are made of corrugated plastic, therefore they are weather resistant. But they will not withstand strong winds, or exceptionally bad weather. Don't put them out there if you're expecting this type of weather. Your buzzards and flamingos will fly away. Your frogs will hop away, and your graduation hats will be tossed!

    4. When writing on the greeting boards, and signs that come with these critters, it is best to use one of those FAT sharpie markers. They have wide enough text to be able to view from far away, and the color won't run or fade in the rain.

    5. One last thing. Enjoy. Be sure everyone gets a good laugh from this cute, unique way to celebrate.

    Someone can always use a smile. Now you know a cheap, easy way to do it. Put a yard greeting out for your next occasion. I'm sure you have one cooking in your head already! There are many occasions to start "yard surprising."

    Source by Amanda Layerle