To Frame or to Tack?

I use tacks to hang up my valuables. Not all of them. Just the ones I want to display on my walls (maybe that was self-explanatory. Sorry). Anyway, for years I have used tacks to hang up collectible-worthy items of mine. My vintage Cynthia Cooper jersey (a former WNBA basketball-playing goddess), my old middle school basketball jersey (I like to think of it as a classic), my signed LaDainian Tomlinson football T-Shirt, and a T-shirt signed by the entire Baylor Women’s Lacrosse team (they rocked).

All of these precious, precious items, my termed “valuables”, are hanging up in my bedroom, firmly secured to the walls with tacks. It’s a bit brutish I know, but when I first hung up these items four years ago I was young and naive and had already dismissed super glue as an alternative because of an unfortunate incident involving super glue, coloring paper, and my eyebrows. But I digress.

Tacking seemed the best option. My only option really because I did not have any of those big, nice picture frames that all of the celebrities house their valuables in and show-off on MTV ‘Cribs’. And I really did not want to put my valuables in a dark, cramped drawer or box. I wanted to display them proudly: have my own version of Cribs where I could show-off my aforementioned collectibles (something I’ve done before actually).

So I resorted to using tacks. I bought a box of the multicolored ones at the local dollar store and went to work. One by one I pierced the valuable cloth of my T-shirts and jerseys, and it really hurt me to do that, I got to tell you. I hated putting holes in my collectibles, even if the holes were minuscule and impossible to see. It pained me nonetheless because I felt like I was marring something valuable–I was destroying my own stuff! Small destruction but destruction nonetheless.

But ever determined and unwilling to resort to super gluing my things to the walls, I proceeded with tacking. Thirty minutes and 33 tacks later I was finished: I had successfully tacked all three of my jerseys, my LT T-shirt, my Baylor Lacrosse shirt, and my mathematics scholar T-shirt to my walls. It looked great, and I had only pricked my fingers 13 times. I considered the entire thing a success and put my remaining tacks away for any future valuables or collectibles that I would want to hang up. Tacks, it seemed to me, was a valuable resource and a viable alternative to the expensive framing that celebrities enjoyed and showed off.

I am not saying that I am contrary to framing collectibles and whatnot. I am just saying that I can not afford really nice framing. Especially when I have multiple items to put on my wall. Uh uh. Can not afford. Dollar store tacks? I can handle that. And I know that really a nice picture frame can really accentuate whatever it is housing. Especially if you get some of those dark wood stained frames that I absolutely love. (Sigh).

But picture frames are nice and all that, and celebrities and people with more disposable income than me seem to enjoy them a lot. I enjoy them too. Just from afar. Right now I will stick to tacks (they’re multicolored. I have options!). Occasionally I will resort to using super glue. Partly because I am a risk taker, also because, well…it’s fun.

But for right now, I do not need picture frames, no matter how nice they are. The tacks will suffice until I graduate from college and get a great job (that is a guarantee right?) or until I win the lottery. Then I will get my nice picture frames and I will rehang my collectibles more efficiently and less cloth-invasive. Yes! I will be able to have my own version of ‘Cribs’ and can invite viewers into my home and proudly show-off my framed valuables. I can see my mathematics scholar Tee now, framed in mahogany stained wood. Ah. It will be glorious.

I wonder what I’ll do with all of those tacks though?

Source by Meme Webb