Tips To Secure Your Home When You Are Out for Halloween Holidays

Are you planning to celebrate this Halloween at popular destinations like Salem or Los Angeles? You must be feeling excited to take out your family to experience the real Halloween celebrations.

It means that your home will be closed and unattended for some days, making it attractive target for burglars. Did you know? A burglary incident takes place somewhere in the USA every 18 seconds, accounting for 4,800 every day. And this rate is likely to spike on Halloween!

The experience will be definitely scarier than “ghost and goblin” if you learn that something has gone terribly wrong in your absence.

Don’t worry!

Here are some tips for keeping your abode safe and secure so you can enjoy worry-free Halloween holidays.

Install Security System

Having a home security or alarm system in place is the best way to avoid potential break-ins. According to one study, a home without the security system is 300% more likely to be burgled. You can start from CCTV cameras that let you monitor your property from distance using a smartphone. A smoke alarm rings up when it detects fumes or smoke.

Light Up Your Home Properly

This is a clever way to deter potential burglars and pranksters. Keeping the lights on inside your home will give the appearance that someone is home. You can use motion sensor lights that automatically turn on if they detect moving objects or darkness.

Avoid Using Candles or Open Flames

If you are thinking to lit candles or open flames just before leaving your home, you are probably asking for trouble. It makes your home vulnerable to fire breakout. Instead, you can use flameless candles operated by battery or light stick.

Close the Garage

According to Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, vehicles are twice as likely to be vandalized or robbed on Halloween as an average day. So make sure to close your garage door properly. If you are leaving children at home, place the garage remote control away from them. Or it is better if you unplug the garage door opener unit.

Stop Mail and Newspaper Delivery

Mails overflowing from the mailbox and newspaper piling up at your yard are an indication that you are not around. An easy hint for a potential burglar! So, it makes sense to stop the delivery of mail and other services. Or you can ask someone like a neighbor to collect them.

Don’t Broadcast Your Holidays

You are likely to post your exotic Halloween celebrations status on Facebook or Twitter. But have you ever thought that a burglar may be keeping eyes on your status? He will easily assume that you are out of town. Make sure who is able to see your social media posts before posting them.

Always check who is able to see your social media posts before you upload them.

Lock Your Windows Properly

Shockingly, unlock windows are the reason behind 30% home burglary in the USA. And 23% burglars enter through first-floor windows. So, you shouldn’t rely on your door’s locking system only. Here are the tips to reinforcing your window against break-ins before leaving for Halloween holidays.

  • Lock your windows from inside
  • Install window’s grills and bars
  • Cover window glass with protective film
  • Place thorny bushes under your windows

Hire Professional Security Guards

Hiring security guards is a good choice if you have a large property with valuable content inside. They will patrol around your home and deter burglars and pranksters. Many security agencies provide security guards on a weekly or temporary basis.

By using the abovementioned steps, you can be assured that your home will be secured when you are not around.

Source by Ahmad Hamidi