Tim, The Tool Man Taylor, And The Misuse Of Motors For Industrial-Sized Equipment

Electric motors are used in production facilities to operate industrial-sized equipment. The equipment’s use should always dictate the amount of horsepower found in the motor. Unfortunately, the overzealous handyman on “Home Improvement,” Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor, forgets to take this simple rule into account time and time again. The results vary between funny and scary depending on your definition of comedy.

In season two, his wife Jill’s new composting assignment takes her out of the house and leaves Tim to take care of their three boys. Tim decides to update Jill’s laundry facilities. He rigs the washing machine to dispense detergent, softener, and bleach at the appropriate times. Tim uses his natural flare for over-doing things to add disco-lights. He tells Jill that it’s just for effect.

When Jill returns from work, Tim is burning supper, and the boys are arguing and fighting. Mark, the youngest boy, runs into the kitchen screaming that the dryer is going crazy. Both Jill and Tim race out to the garage to discover that the new high-density motor that was used to speed up the drying time is spinning the dryer wildly across the garage. The episode ends fine, almost. Jill is happy with the washer and decides to let Tim clean while she picks up a bowl sitting in a cabinet. She dips her finger in to taste it. Tim explains that she has just weather-proofed her tongue.

Tim often uses motors rated for industrial-sized equipment in household appliances. No project is too small for Tim to conquer or completely mess up in an attempt to upgrade his family’s home.

In season five, to improve upon the manufacturer’s flaws, Tim installs a 20 horsepower motor on the vacuum hood in the kitchen. Jill insists that she asked for a simple exhaust fan.

Tim tests the vacuum hood while Jill has a pot of spaghetti on the stove. When he turns the hood on, the spaghetti gets sucked up into the hood. Jill returns to find her spaghetti gone. All of this occurs in the first 2 minutes of the episode.

In the next scene, Brad sits on the couch and explains to his friend that he has to study for a test. The friend attempts to convince Brad to cheat. Tim interrupts them by walking through the front door with the spaghetti pot. He tells Brad that he found some of the spaghetti across the street on the Johnson’s Buick.

Throughout the series, Tim continues to apply his talents for disaster by altering domestic tools with industrial-sized equipment motors.

Source by Andrew Stratton