The Prettiest Wood Look Porcelain Tiles Are Cost Effective Too

Porcelain and ceramics have served humanity for over a hundred years and probably much longer. The practical and efficient, easy to clean porcelains have become a partner in human development, spreading to homes and offices, visible almost everywhere. Technology has improved upon the traditional porcelains, mostly in plain shades, by imparting a wood look porcelain that effectively creates the colors and textures of natural wood. It would be hard to tell the difference at a glance!

The wood looks tiles that faithfully reproduces the wood grain has suddenly become extremely popular in America and for good reasons. Such tiles on the walls and floors hardly require any maintenance and are easily swiped clean. The stunning natural colors with the factory rectified edges faithfully reproduces the wood veins upon closer scrutiny. Not only do homes and offices use them, many airports and hotels have been decorated with these lovely creations.

The large sizes 6X24 and 6X36 are very convenient too. They create illusions of larger dimensions if it happens to be a small space like in a kitchen or bathroom. The dreamy look of Forest Natural would create a flutter on the wall. The Aspenwood series too present perfect, rugged wood surfaces, Artic, Ash, Amber and Cafe. It would appear that the wall or floor is made of wood, but real wood presents certain problems like contamination by water and attacks by rodents and insects. Here is the fabulous wood look porcelain without the hassles of real wood!

So, indulge the imagination and generate surprises for the family or office. Esthetically sound, they would grace every wall and floor in the home and office premises with a sober look traditionally associated with wooden constructions in the olden days like the Wild West. The interiors would look something like romantic log houses in the wilderness.

Darker shades are represented by Country River Bark and Country River Moss, besides Palmetto Walnut. Palmetto Chestnut, Cognac, and Fog truly represent a vision to inspire and electrify. Having them around day and night would certainly fill the heart with happy emotions. Nature at its best is the stuff of wood look porcelain that has the power to move the soul. Art and Nature have been in perpetual conflict and such patterns are visible on dresses and constructions for instance. Capella Ash and Birch truly symbolize a new lifestyle at peace with itself rather than chasing after contemporary wild fantasies. Never regret the choice of Salvage Musk, Honey, and Red!

Source by Paul Toomey