The Many Styles of Cabinet Pulls

Cabinet pulls are handles that make it easy to pull open a drawer. Sometimes when you are refacing your cabinets you will need to replace these handles along with the other cabinet hardware. If you have a cabinet pull that breaks or the wood splits where the pull is attached you will probably have to replace all of the hardware in the room to make sure everything matches.

The most obvious place to find cabinet hardware pulls is the kitchen but you will also find them in bathrooms. These are the easiest of cabinet hardware to replace as all you need to do is drill the holes and feed the screws through. Nuts fit on the other side of the drawer panel where they can be securely fastened. You can find them made out of almost any material depending on the room they are used in. Bathrooms tend to incorporate a lot of plastic hardware these days but you will still find that stainless steel, pewter or satin nickel can be used to provide an elegant aesthetic.

They are several different styles of pulls. They include cabinet door pulls made like cups. These are half cup pulls that fit with the back part of the cup facing you. You slip your hand into the cup to pull open the drawer. There are also ring pulls, bail pulls which are simply swinging handles that hang from two sockets like the ring pull. Other shapes are the pendant pulls that are single bars hanging from a socket, and bar pulls which are the standard fixed handles that don’t move.

Most handles are standard sized but you may have to drill for new holes and install them over the old holes. This will require some kind of filler to patch the old holes. There is a little more work involved in this method but you can accomplish it within a day.

Source by Marty West