Swinging Door Systems – Models

The 6100 model swing door systems are prepared to control doors that are specially made for the residential and commercial areas. These systems mainly work with the help of a remote control or also by utilizing a keypad. When you are looking to buy a swinging door system, you must also identify which system you want to use between the two. Utilize the system that suits your needs the best. This model is very impressive and provides great security. Moreover they can be installed very easily without any kind of a difficulty or trouble. Another feature in this model is that you can install a direct current convenient opening option so as to open the door automatically when the electricity is not available.

The 6400 model setup is installed beneath the ground and that is the reason why they cannot be seen. Moreover this model is a high quality operator that satisfies the most complicated requirements without damaging the unique design of the door. These devices are highly strong as their structure is made in aluminum with a unique rust proof treatment. When you have bought this model then you do not have to be concerned about hydraulic leakages. The self sufficient base box is prepared from rust proof stainless steel and has got a stimulated steel coating as well. Another feature in this model is that it comes with a release lever that can be locked and which is made so the functioning can be done from anywhere. The 6400 aspects include fitted bound controllers that accurately manage the starting and stopping pace of the door. These devices come in the market with a 25 volts direct current functioning voltage which makes them special and different from other models. This kind of swinging door system is perfect for residential utilization.

Source by Nazima Golamaully