How Do People Use Electricity?

In everyday life humans rely on electricity for many needs and wants; from cooking, entertainment, light and temperature regulation to work and powering appliances. Humans need electrical energy to power their modern lives.


As Lighting

At night, the benefits of electrical energy can be used as a source of lighting. Electrical energy can be used to turn on the lights. In the past lighting was supplied done by oil lamps, candles and fire so electrical lighting is a big step up! Today lighting is getting more and more efficient with solar power lights as well as improved LED lights and power saving light bulbs that consume far less energy than previous filament light bulbs.

Energy Sources

Electricity is used as an energy source to power a variety of household appliances and other electronic equipment. We have come to rely on appliances such as washing machines, dishwashers, air conditioners, blenders and computers, these are all powered by electricity.


Entertainment facilities in our homes use electricity such as swimming pool filters, play stations, stereo systems, musical instrument amps, gaming consoles, laptops and TVs as well as other electronic games that require electricity. Many children today would be surprised if there was not access to electricity that they would not be able to do the majority of the things they have become accustomed to doing for fun.

Producing Heat

Electricity can be used as a producer of heat in a variety of different heaters, this is especially important in cold climates where without electricity to power heaters people may die from the cold. Electricity can be used as a source of heat because electric currents can flow through heating elements that in turn produce heat, these types of heaters are radiators, oil heaters and element heaters. Electric energy that produces heat can be used for electric stoves, rice cookers and also used for ironing. All of these equipment convert electricity into heat.

Producing Motion

Electrical energy can also be used as a producer of motion. Many households need electricity to move things. For example, electrical energy that is converted into motion energy can be used to drive motors, cars, fans and much more. When changing motion energy an electric current is needed to move these devices.

Electricity Saving Efforts

Even though it is needed in everyday life we need to take care not to waste electricity. Electricity is expensive and still today most electricity in created using fossil fuels so the more electricity we all use the worse it is for the environment. Slowly this is improving as more governments and companies change to sustainable energy sources such as wind and solar power but there is still a long way to go.

The following are ways you can save electricity:

– If you are not using something such as the TV or computer do not leave it on

– Always turn off the lights when you leave the room

– Replace lights with better energy saving options like LED lights from Electrical Supplies Australia stores

– Try not to use lights during the day, open the curtains and let the natural light in

– Turn off appliances at the wall socket when not in use

– Wash clothes on cold wash and dry them outside not in the dryer

– Only use heating and cooling when really necessary, air conditioners in particular use a large amount of electricity!

– Swap to better energy saving appliances such as those included in the energy star rating initiative by Australia and New Zealand Governments.