Paper Crafting And Scrapbooking Expo: Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your First Time

Conventions for paper crafting and scrapbooking attract all sorts of people. Some of the first thoughts in the heads of those traveling to a crafts show could be the following:

1. “Vacation time!”

2. “No kids for a whole weekend!”

What some others may experience is a quiet sense of intimidation, especially if they are counting on the show to be their first introduction to crafting. Likely, they’ll find many others whose expertise extends beyond their own. The intimidation can be true for the non-novices; a lack of confidence in their personal ability may push them over the edge of excitement into nervousness, causing them to wonder if they’ll really get the most out of their trip and out of the funds it took to make it happen.

If you happen to find yourself in either category, there are some simple tips that could build your confidence by setting a pathway for how you will most benefit from the trip. These can expand your learning as well as your enjoyment of the process.

The first tip is to browse the crafting world. You want to gain an overview of the different types of projects and realize which ones seem the most exciting for you to do. When you know what motivates you, you have a keener pathway to determining where to focus your energy and which classes will benefit you the most.

The second tip is to get paper crafting! Start the process on your own with a small, simple and enjoyable project or pick a challenging one. Either way you’ll be able to identify where you find the project most easy, where you would like to explore more and which road bumps you need help or improvement in, if any. Knowing these three characteristics of your crafting process will enable you to choose classes, speakers and activities which are directly related to how you enjoy crafting, what you want more of in crafting and where you may need help.

The last tip is to plan your ideal crafting experience in your head. What are the core essentials you plan to get from the process? Make a list of these. For example, if I want family time with the kids and am looking for crafting projects that can accomplish this, I need to know this upfront to gain more insight into where to put my attention. Through identifying my goals, I can know more about which questions to ask during the convention.

Source by Al Tinas