Outage Proof Your Home – A Great Way to Keep Power During Electrical Outages

Electrical outages are just a fact of life. Trees do fall on electrical lines, transformers suffer malfunctions, even one single squirrel can knock out a neighborhoods power for several hours. Most people just accept this as a fact of life, but a growing number of people are starting to set up their own solar and wind power generating systems both to reduce their electricity bill, and to have electrical power available for use during outages.

A solar power collector or windmill can easily be built in your own back yard for less than two hundred dollars each. You do not need a college degree, or decked out workshop to construct any of them. All the the materials that you will need for the project are for sale at your local mom and pop hardware store, or home improvement warehouse store. Sometimes these materials can be bought used for less money from junkyards, or can even salvaged for free from old projects and broken items. That would leave you with a solar power collector or windmill for the investment in the plans.

A solar power collection system can be mounted out of sight on top of your home, and will not be in your way, or be an eyesore in your yard. It will also be in the best position to collect the suns rays for the largest portion the the day. A windmill can be made into a very attractive decoration that will improve the look of your landscaping, while still producing plenty of electrical power for your family.

One solar power collector or windmill will reduce your power bill by a bit, and will save you quite a bit of money over the long term since no further money needs to be put into it. More can be built and each one will continue to lower your power bill when it is connected to your homes power system. Some people have even gone as far as to set up groups of interconnected batteries to store the excess power that their solar systems and windmills produce for later use, and use during power outages when the electrical company cannot supply them with the power that they need. Some have even completely disconnected their commercial electrical service, in favor of totally relying on their home power generation system since it produces more than enough to power their home reliably.

Source by John D Frost