How To Accessorize Your Home For An Old World Decorating Look

Purchasing great decorative items for your old world decorating theme will give it a professional home design style. You will need to highlight the timeworn and elegant charm of old world elegance by using time worn accessories. Adding items such as pillows, knick knacks and wall art can help add ambiance your old world design style.

Wall art is a fabulous way to add unique interest to your walls, however most homeowners don’t know the correct way to hang them. Single pieces should be placed so the center of the piece is at eye level, not so that the bottoms or tops of the frames are positioned in a line as many individuals think. If you have a group of piece to place on one wall, lay them out on the floor initially to get the smartest placement. The Old World decorating theme can be accentuated with renaissance oil paintings which you can hang in heavy frames.

Decorative pillows can give a sense of a soft touch to your decor. Pillows add a fantastic touch and look captivating in any room not the least of which is the bedroom, bathroom and dining room. Pillows on the chairs or couches in your family room, living room or den will help add a bit of the Old world decor feel. Pillows can be enjoyed in the kitchen or bath, give some thought to placing them in chairs, on the hamper or on shelves. Using decorative pillows arranged at the headboard of your bed will lend a pleasant professional touch. For this type of décor, pillows that have tassels and rich fabrics will match perfectly.

Consider adding fancy sterling and crystal, antique china, or bronze and marble items for more of a feeling of old world elegance. You ought to select pieces which match with your overall room style. If you select decorative items in a hurry, then you can end up mucking up the look and feel you are striving to achieve.

When searching for knick knacks for your home design be sure to get ones that compliment your interior design and also show your unique style. To pull together your Old world decor, think of using knick knacks with a timeworn and elegant allure. Having old arcitectural pieces on display can produce a fantastic look and so can an alabaster bust on a stand. Take the time to find individual items that really reflect your personality. If you don’t have much funds, you should try scouting out the local flea markets and yard sales where you are sure to find intriguing items for less money.

Accenting your Old World decorating theme with antiques and well loved items can help add appeal. Therefore before you go out and buy a bunch of stuff, you will need to have an idea of the kinds of pieces you would like and purchase those pieces. Also, keep in mind the sizes you are looking for that will help add to the room design. Being congnizant of size and proportions insures that you will attain a great look in any decorating scheme!

Source by Lee Dobbins