Home Improvement: The Ultimate Guide To Exterior Painting

Many of us wish that we could do more DIY around the home. We spend our weekends up at home depot wishing that all these tools that are lined up on the shelves could belong to us and that we had the know how and the knowledge to use them. Well there is one job that you can do around the home that is possibly the easiest job ever. It involves a paintbrush, some paint and a ladder. That’s it. I’m not talking about changing your decor or painting a mural in your bedroom. I’m talking about painting the exterior of your home. Simple, easy and no fiddly bits!

So you want to paint the outside of your home. Firstly, you have to find out what sort of material your home is. Is it wood, aluminum, bricks, concrete? Each one of these materials has an exterior paint to suit it and benefit it. These paints match and help the material by protecting it and preserving it so you have a longer lifespan of your home exterior.

You can also buy paints or stains that will enhance the materials and will make them look a million dollars as well as saving you a few. A new coat of paint on a house is always very appealing and will more than likely add value to your home.

So how do you go about painting the exterior of your home? Easy. Grab some specialized exterior paint, a brush and a ladder. Pressure wash off the old peeling bits of paint, leave to dry and slap on a coat of new paint. You don’t need to cut in or mask round areas like you would inside, just brush left to right, it couldn’t be easier! Once the first coat is dry, apply another. And there you have it, done! It really is that easy to give your home a new look and a longer lifespan too.

Source by Amanda Haman