Guide to Solar Energy Hot Water Panels

We have done extensive research on the Solar Energy and Solar Panel Systems in the UK. Some solar panel firms provide installation solutions for solar hot water and solar PV panels (electricity) for the domestic homes. However there are very few professional companies at the moment so choose. Check to see if they are members of an trade accreditation body.

Solar panel systems for hot water and electric have now come of age in the UK. With the Climate producing hotter summers and winters in UK has made society wake up about global warming, the time has come where the UK as nation has got to move forward to reducing carbon emissions. Incentives are available from the Government Grants to help consumers switch over now. Recently the UK committed at G8 summit to reduce carbon emissions by 50% before the year 2050. The country will be faced with hefty fines if it does not commit to reducing carbon emissions. There is a fair chance we face higher taxes on our properties if we don’t do our bit.

So Solar Panels as a natural source of energy and costing 70% less than buying fuel from an energy company is an alternative supply for our every day needs. Once you’ve invested then your heating hot water tank becomes FREE during the day.

Installing Solar Hot Water panels in your property can reduce your Carbon Emissions by 500kg’s per annum. If every householder in the UK did this we would reduce the carbon emissions by 8,000,000 tonnes per year.

Source by Lee Croucher