Frequent Kitchen Design Renovation Bloopers That Make You Go "Oops"

Every woman begins to hate her kitchen at one time or another. It is the time that most spouses fears, when wives go crazy, and cooking in that same, dull, lifeless kitchen has made life unbearable for anyone within hearing range. There is only one cure for this affliction – kitchen designs renovation. But hey, wait a minute; slow down. A renovation is not something that you can just jump into without planning ahead. Well, conceived kitchen designs transformations will result in kitchens that Rachel Ray will easily adore. Poorly designed and executed projects can turn out to be major bloopers that simply make you go, “oops!” To keep your kitchen from becoming the comedy stage of the entire house, you need to avoid the following frequent, kitchen design renovation bloopers.

Going way over budget and space limits – Spending money makes most people tingle inside. There is nothing like buying exactly what you want. Unfortunately, sometimes in kitchen designs renovation projects, we simply want too much. That is why it is important that we thoroughly plan our projects and stick to one budget. Before you even begin renovations, you should have a detailed and budgeted list of your supplies, equipment, and furnishings as well as a blueprint (a sketch will do nicely) of how your new kitchen will appear. If you are replacing appliances, be sure your new fixtures can comfortably fit in their allotted locations. You will be very unhappy if you buy something that you cannot use, and if you cannot return it.

Having unrealistic ideas – If you do not know the difference between a hammer and a wrench, the odds of you, yourself, doing any type of fancy, kitchen designs reconstruction successfully are zero to none. Any tasks that involve coming into contact with electric and plumbing devices are intricate jobs and should be left to an expert. The additional cost for the labor should have already been included in your budget. Sure, it is cheaper to do it yourself, but can you really enjoy your new kitchen from a hospital bed? Speaking of cost, what the hospital will charge you is probably a great deal more than the expense of hiring a trained professional.

Forgetting about the future – For a variety of reasons, most people move at least once every five years. Unless you are extremely comfortable financially, this means that before five years have past, you will either be selling or renting the house in which you currently live. Keep that in mind when you are choosing your colors and features of your kitchen design renovation project. Sure, it is all about you now, but when it is time to sell or rent your house, it is all about someone else. Your new see through refrigerator is absolutely gorgeous, but how will the hot pink, kitchen walls and the bright, yellow cabinet doors are going to sit with prospective occupants?

Many people attempt kitchen designs renovation projects, and many fail. If you remember to budget wisely for cost and space, set realistic expectations for yourself and your project, and consider the added resale value of your endeavor, you will easily avoid frequent, kitchen design renovation bloopers that make you go “oops”, and instead, end up with the kitchen of your dreams.

Source by Richard McIntyre