Feng Shui – The Environment Is Overlooked in the Practice of Personal Development

Many people want to improve their lives. They embark on a programme of personal development. These programmes can include improvement in self-confidence, stress or anger management, motivation and many others. The aim is to develop a new personality.

They get the improvement as long they are attending the course or being coached. But, what happens when this input is stopped? As far as I am aware, most of the students go back to their original ways of behaviour. Thereby losing the gains and the effort spent on the programme.


Let us look at other self-improvement programmes.

Image Transformation: You are recommended clothes for your new image by a Stylist or Image Consultant. As long as you wear the clothes of the recommended style, you retain your new image. However, at times, we tend to go back to what we used to wear because we feel comfortable in them (they are in our comfort zone). This new image is lost when we revert to the old ways.

Losing Weight: You lose weight because of a new diet and exercise regime you have taken on. Should you go back to your previous habits of food and exercise, your weight will revert to what it was.

Fitness: You improve your fitness with regular workouts. Stop the workout, your fitness levels will revert to what it was before.

Reversion in personal development programmes

The programmes like image transformation, diet or fitness programmes, are physical and therefore, tangible. The personal development programmes are generally intangible. As they are intangible, once we have stopped doing the programme, we do not realise how much of the learnt information is retained.

I stated in a previous article “We Are Always Adapting To Our Environment”. Our behaviour in the original environment will be that of the original personality. Therefore, in the attempt to develop the new personality without changing the environment, there will be a tendency for the original environment to pull you back to the old personality. This is position where we were before the start of the personal development programme.

We choose a property and the interiors (the environment) that fit our personality. What we chose is a reflection of our personality. This has been clearly demonstrated in the Law of Attraction where “like attracts like”. When we go through a personal development programme, the new personality is developed. Therefore, there will be a mis-match between the new personality and the original environment. This old environment will be reminding us of the old personality whilst we are trying to move forward by developing a new personality with the personal development programme.

Therefore, to develop a new personality successfully without being hindered is to change the environment as well. But, what do we change?

Feng shui can provide the answers.

Feng shui is a Chinese system of land management which developed with rise of Chinese civilisation, more than 40 centuries ago. It is about using the natural energies in the living environment (homes, buildings, towns and cities). This is to make the living space conducive for people to have the appropriate behaviours to attain better health, wealth and happiness.

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