Create More Space With Kitchen Remodeling

The longer someone lives in their Yorktown, Virginia house, the more things they accumulate. As the number of possessions grow, the number of places to put them begins to shrink. One of the most evidenced places of this is the kitchen. Countless pans, gadgets and knickknacks can clutter them, leaving little room for food and basic necessities. Rather than get rid of useful things, gifts or handy gadgets, consider kitchen remodeling in Yorktown.

Cabinets and Shelves

The amount of cabinet space actually available in a cupboard is often reduced by poor placement of shelves or loss of useful shelving due to protrusions or hard-to-reach places in Yorktown kitchens. A reliable kitchen remodeling company in Yorktown can handle this project and can revamp not only the look of cabinetry, it can greatly increase the available amount of storage room.

Removing cabinet doors is one option. For dishware or closed containers crowding a space, such as coffee and tea canisters, this is one solution. The objects are usually round and may slightly protrude on the door, propping it open just enough to make the area look sloppy. Removing cabinet doors also makes the wall look more spacious.

Hanging hooks for cups and mugs can be placed above shelves holding juice glasses or cereal bowls. Mugs and coffee cups with handles can take up much more space when standing up straight on a shelf with a handle sticking out.

Add a shelf above the highest cabinet and use it for those darling knickknacks that were gifts from friends or relatives, but serve no useful purpose other than being a friendly reminder of loved ones.


Having room to prepare a meal is one of the high points of having a kitchen. Countertop space is frequently hoarded by small appliances that are helpful, leaving little room for chopping, kneading and assembling. A kitchen remodel creates countertop space in a variety of ways.

The simplest is to add a console in the center of the room. It should be accessible from all sides for maximum efficiency. The console may be pure counter space if needed. On the other hand, it can contain items presently found elsewhere blocking counter space. The kitchen sink can be relocated to a center point, as can the range. Centrally located, it will make cooking easier and less hectic when the utensils and dishes are always just a few steps away.

Eating Space

Take out the kitchen table. For meals, use either the dining room or create a bar area for eating. In Yorktown homes with just 2 or 3 people, this use of space works well. The eat-in bar can be used as a prep area when needed. Use the place that used to host the kitchen table for storage or appliances. Altering the walls of the kitchen can also result in a breakfast nook or adjoining dining room.

Source by Jeremy P Stanfords